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The BARRITT family changed name along the line to BARRETT. They interconnect with the CARMAN family tree. The tree starts with Samuel Barritt. Any information about Samuel Barritt would be sincerely welcome as he seems to have disappeared from all records.

Samuel Barritt b. circa 1783

Samuel Barritt was born circa 1783 at Feltwell. He lived in Hilgay until 1812. From 1812 he lived as a farmer on Feltwell Fen. He married Mary Turrington born circa 1787. They were married in 1812 at St. Nicholas, Feltwell. They raised eleven children.

  • Robert Barritt born circa 1811
  • Richard Barritt born 1813 married Rebecca Laws 1835 Feltwell
  • Elizabeth Barritt born 1814
  • Mary Barritt born 1815
  • Susan Barritt born 1816
  • George Barritt born 1819 married Martha Kidd 1838 Feltwell St. Mary
  • Rebecca Barrett born 1822
  • William Barritt born circa 1822 married Sarah Jacob 1842 Methwold
  • Sarah Barrett born circa 1824
  • Harriett Barrett born circa 1824 married Thomas Mott
  • Rachel Barrett born circa 1832
Richard Barritt (b. 1813)

Richard Barritt, born 1813, married Rebecca Laws, born circa 1814. Both were born in Feltwell. They married in 1835 at Feltwell. They had 11 children.

  • George Barritt born 1836 - died 1837
  • Mary Barritt born 1838
  • Sarah Barritt born 1840
  • Thomas Barritt born 1841 married Frances Henrietta Hall in 1863 at Welney
  • Rachel Barritt born 1843
  • Richard Major Barritt born 1849
  • Elizabeth Cawthorne Barritt born 1851
  • Charity Barritt born 1853
  • Alfred Barritt born 1855 - died in infancy
  • Albert Evans Burgate Barritt born 1857
  • Alfred Barritt born 1857 - died in infancy
George Barritt (b. 1819)

Younger son of Samuel Barritt (c.1783-1845) by his second wife Mary Turrington. Born 1819, probably on Feltwell Fen and was baptised at Feltwell on June 1, 1819. At the age of 20, George married Martha Kidd, daughter of Jeremiah Kidd, a farmer of Feltwell, at St. Mary's Church, Feltwell, on May 12, 1838. They lived at Feltwell and between the years 1839 and 1855 had six sons, of whom two were named Jeremiah (the first, born 1846, died in infancy) and one daughter. George was a farm labourer. As a widower in 1881 was at the 'Crown & Anchor', Southery. Admitted to Ely Union Workhouse from Littleport on March 16, 1885 and died there of asthma and bronchitis. Buried at Littleport January 18, 1887.

  • George Barritt born 1839
  • Lewis Barritt born 1842
  • James Barritt born 1844 married Sarah Goodge in 1867 at Southery
  • Jeremiah Barritt born 1846 - died in infancy
  • Jeremiah Barritt born 1848 married Sarah Bates
  • Absalom Barritt born 1851 married Eliza Garner in 1872 at Ely St Mary
  • Mary Ann Barritt born 1855 married William Gill in 1876 at Little Ouse
  • Hannah Barritt born 1857 married William Bell
  • Rachel Barritt born 1861 married George Ducker Sowter 1883 at Nottingham
  • Samuel Barritt born 1863


Derivations of the name are Barrat, Barratt, Barrett, Barritt, Barrott. The first references found to include the name were Matthew Baret circa 1150-5 found in the 'Documents illustrative of the Social and Economic History of the Danelaw' for Lincolnshire; Robert Baratte 1165 in the Pipe Rolls for Nottinghamshire; Jordan Barat 1185 in the 'Records of the Templars in the Twelfth Century' for Hertfordshire; Seman Barette 1207 in the Pipe Rolls Hampshire; William Barrette (Barat) 1327 in the Subsidary Rolls for Essex. This is a difficult name. There seems no evidence for a derivation from Old German Beroald, Old French Beruad, as has been suggested. Old Norse Bárðr is found in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire in the Doomsday Book as Bared, Baret, but there is no proof of its continued use. The commonest form is Barat and this must be from Old French Barat, Medieval English Bar(r)at, Bar(r)et(te), which accounts for all forms. The original sense in Romanic seems to have been 'traffic, commerce, dealing' and in Medieval English 'trouble, distress' (circa 1230); 'deception, fraud' 1292; 'contention, strife' circa 1300, from any of which a nickname could arise. Occasionally we may have Old French barrette 'a cap, bonnet', as an occupation name, 'a maker of caps'.

'A Dictionary of British Surnames' by P.H. Reaney,
Second Edition, published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, second edition, ISBN 0 7100 8106 5

For Barrett see Barratt, of which it is the far commoner form.

Barrat(t), nickname, 'commerce, chaffering' or 'trouble' or 'fraud' or 'contention, strife' Old French - all these meanings could lead to nicknames. But sometimes an occupational name 'cap-/bonnet-(maker)' Old French, a metonym.

'The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames' by Basil Cottle, second edition, ISBN 0 14 051032 X

James Barritt (b. 1844)
Sarah Goodge (B. 1844)


William Barritt (b. circa 1822)

William Barritt was born crica 1822 at Feltwell. He married Sarah Jacob at Methwold in 1842. He lived on Larmans Fen and died at Thetford Union Workhouse in 1871. They raised eight children.

  • Mary Barritt born 1843
  • Elizabeth Barritt born 1845
  • William Barritt born 1845
  • Jacob Barritt born 1847
  • James Barritt born 1849
  • Jane Barritt born 1852 married Thomas Crane
  • William Barritt born 1855 married Harriet Elizabeth Howlett 1886 Southery
  • George Barritt born 1859
William Barritt (b. 1855)

William Barritt was born in 1855 at Methwold. He married Harriet Elizabeth Howlett in 1866 at Methwold. They raised eight children. It would appear that at the time of his marriage the surname BARRITT became BARRETT.

  • Elizabeth Jane Barrett born 1887 married George Ernest Hall
  • Susannah Barrett born 1889
  • Robert William Barrett born 1890 married Amelia Ann Cross
  • James David Barrett born 1893
  • Sarah Elizabeth Barrett born 1895
  • Herbert Barrett born 1898
  • Robert Kitchener Christmas Barrett born 1900
  • Frederick Barrett born 1903
James Barritt (b. 1844)

James was born the son of George and Martha Barritt on 1st May 1844 at Feltwell. He married Sarah Goodge, born 1844 at Southery,on 19th October 1867 at Southery; they lived at Cold Harbour, Black Horse Drove, Brandon Creek. He was a Farm Bailiff at Chain Farm. He died on 12th December 1922 at Brandon Creek and is buried at Littleport Cemetery.

James and Sarah Barritt had nine children. At the time of their marriage the name BARRITT changed to BARRETT.

  • Hannah May Barrett born 1868 married Joseph Carman 1888
  • Albert Samuel Barrett born 1869 married Minnie Padgham
  • George Barrett born circa 1871
  • Ann Elizabeth Barrett born 1873 married George Cox
  • Henry William Barrett born 1877 married Louisa Cox
  • John Barrett born 1878 married Ada Prigmore
  • Martha Barrett born 1880 married John Gascoyne
  • James Louis Barrett born 1883 married Ellen Johnson
  • Ethel May Barrett born 1885 married Charles Langford Hazel
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