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Currently we have 10000+ names on file for England and Wales although not many are used in the tree. These are references to births, marriages and deaths; occupations, census details; baptisms and burials plus passing information gleaned from other researchers.

John Carman (bef. 1760)

The CARMAN family tree currently starts with John and Ann Carman. They had 7 children.

Samuel Carman (b. 1786)

Samuel Carman was born in 1786 at Denver, Norfolk. He married Mary and they lived at Denver, Norfolk. They had eight children.

  • John Carman born 1820 - married Susannah Winter 1840
  • Mary Carman born 1821
  • Rebecca Carman born 1821
  • Reuben Carman born 1824 - married Mary in 1858
  • Riley Carman born 1826 - married Mary Ollington Crockford in 1846
  • Morley Carman born 1829 - married Elizabeth in 1852
  • Abraham Carman born 1830 - married Elizabeth Frower in 1861
  • Emila Carman born 1840
Riley Carman (b.1826)

Riley Carman was born in 1826 at Denver, Norfolk as was his wife Mary Ollington Crockford, born 1830. They were married at Denver in 1846. They had 12 children.

  • Abraham Riley Carman born 1847 - married Charlotte Mace in 1877
  • John Carman born 1849
  • Ann Elizabeth Carman born circa 1851
  • William Carman born 1852
  • John Carman born 1856
  • Mary Jane Carman born 1857 - married Arthur Hailstone
  • Joseph Carman born 1864 - married Hannah May Barrett 1888
  • Eliza Carman born 1865 - married John William Rogers 1901
  • Sarah A. Carman born circa 1866
  • Emma Carman born circa 1868 - married William Searles Lewis 1894
  • Robert Riley Carman born 1870
  • Martha Carman - married Richard Gascoine

CARMAN Derivation


The first references to the name Carman were Simon nepos Kareman 1196 in the Curia Regis Rolls for Northamptonshire; Hamo filius Karlman 1201 in the Curia Regis Rolls for Kent; Robert Kareman 1184 in the Pipe Rolls for Leicestershire; Henry Carman 1275 in the Rotuli Hundredorum for Suffolk; Robert Carleman, Karleman 1279 in the Rotuli Hundredorum for Cambridgeshire.

The old norse karmann is a variant of karlmann (nominative karmaÔr) meaning 'male, man, an adult male', used as a personal name

'A Dictionary of British Surnames' by P.H. Reaney,
Second Edition, published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, second edition, ISBN 0 7100 8106 5

Carman, nickname, 'male person', Old Norse (compared to Charles).

'The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames' by Basil Cottle, second edition, ISBN 0 14 051032 X

CARMAN Photographs
Joseph & Hannah Carman
Henry Carman (b. 1788)

Henry Carman was born in 1788 at Denver, Norfolk. He married Mary Jordan, born circa 1790. They had one son that I have so far ascertained, Richard Carman, born 1817.

Richard Carman (b.1817)

Richard Carman was born in 1817 at Ten Mile Bank, Norfolk. In 1839, at Downham Market, Norfolk, he married Sarah Thompson, born circa 1817 at Welney. They had four children.

  • Henry Carman born 1840 - married Arabella Scott Cross
  • Abraham Carman born circa 1848
  • Joshua Carman born circa 1850
  • Esli Carman born circa 1855
Henry Carman (b. 1840)

Henry Carman was born in 1840 at Hilgay, Norfolk. He married Arabella Scott Cross, born 1837 at Kings Lynn. They emigrated to the United States of America where they raised two children.

  • Sarah Jane Carman born 1865 - married Edward Thomas Tallet
  • Richard Henry Carman born 1863
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