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EDWARDS Derivation


The Edwards family tree currently stops circa 1740 with Robert Edwards who married Mary. They lived in and around the Blofield parish, quite possibly Postwick. Mary was born circa 1738. Both died prior to 1806. All this is fairly vague and I am currently researching this information. Currently the only child that I have found from the marriage was James Edwards born circa 1781.

James Edwards (b. circa 1781)

James Edwards lived in the village of Postwick. He married Esther Bullen born circa 1775 at Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk. There were seven children from the marriage:

  • James Edwards born circa 1806 - married Jemima Riches
  • John Edwards born 1808 (died in childhood)
  • Samuel Edwards born 1811 - first wife was Elizabeth Munford/second wife was Susan Clarke
  • Marianne Edwards born circa 1814
  • John Edwards born circa 1818 - married Sarah Mollett
  • Robert Edwards born circa 1819
  • Henry Edwards born circa 1821 - married Amy Murray
James Edwards (b. circa 1806)

James Edwards married Jemima Riches. They lived in the village of Postwick, Norfolk. They had two children that I have managed to ascertain so far.


The first references to the name Edwards were found in the Domesday Book 1066 as Eaduuardus, Eduuard(us) and Æduuardus; Edwardus serviens 1206 in the Curia Regis Rolls for Cornwall; William Edward’ 1219 in the Curia Regis Rolls for Suffolk; Cristina Edwardis 1279 in the Rotuli Hundredorum for Huntingdonshire; John Edwards 1498 in Chirk. The Old English name Éadweard means ‘prosperity/happiness guardian’.

'A Dictionary of British Surnames' by P.H. Reaney,
Second Edition, published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, second edition, ISBN 0 7100 8106 5

Edward, first name, 'prosperity/happiness guardian', Old English. The confessor preceded George as patron saint of England. Edward(e)s '(son) of E-',-s was the 20th commonest surname in England and Wales in 1853 (it is found especially in Wales and the south), and 32nd in the USA in 1939. Edwardes is the family name of the barons Kensington. Edwardson 'son of E-'.

'The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames' by Basil Cottle, second edition, ISBN 0 14 051032 X

EDWARDS Photographs
Ephraim James Edwards and family circa 1905

Ephraim James Edwards
and family - circa 1905

Samuel Edwards (b. circa 1831)

Samuel Edwards married Elizabeth Potter in the village of Mattishall, Norfolk in 1850. Elizabeth was born circa 1825 in Forncett St. Mary, Norfolk. They had seven children:

Ephraim James Edwards (b. 1851)

Ephraim James Edwards was born at Mattishall, Norfolk on 22nd March 1851. He married Maria Alexander the daughter of Edward and Ann (nee Edwards) Alexander born at Hendred, Berkshire on 7th December 1853. They were married on the 1st June 1871 at Stanford DIngley, Berkshire. They raised 13 children, two died in infancy, the remaining 11 are listed below.

  • Bertha Ann Edwrads born 1872, died 1933, married Thomas James.
  • Ethelbert Edwards born 1874, died 1953, married Annie Ellis and then Cassie Ellis.
  • Frank Edwards married Edith.
  • Hubert Arthur Edwards born 1878, died 1916, married Lily Hayter.
  • Ernest Walter Edwards born 1880, died 1957, married Rosa.
  • Ada Edwards born 1882, died 1959, married Charles Garner.
  • Albert Gladstone Edwards born 1884, died 1915, married Ethel.
  • Allan Septimus Edwards born 1888, died 1959, married Nellie.
  • Cecil Maurice Edwards born 1890, died 1957, married Ethel Billingham.
  • Lloyd Duncan Edwards born 1892, died 1955, married Annie Warren.
    (see his War Diary Jan-Jul 1918)
  • Alfred Edwards born about 1894, married Ivy.
Jemima Edwards (b. 1863)

Jemima was born about 1863 at Prickwillow, Cambrdigeshire the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Edwards. She married Alpheus Palmer and moved to Leicester and then to Derby. They had three sons and two daughters. Jemima was also known as Aunt Min, she was an elegant lady who was very fashionable. She would dress extermely well , used make-up (which was frowned on by some at the time) and dyed her hair.

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