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The tree here goes back further than indicated but we start with William MARRIOTT. Many derivations of the name are in the tree but MARRIOTT has been used for ease of reading. Names include MARET, MARRITT, MARRETT, MARIT and more.

William Marriott (bef. 1760)

William Marriott married Mary. They had five children:

  • William Marriott born 1779
  • Mary Marriott born 1782
  • John Marriott born 1785 - married Helen Knighton
  • Samuel Marriott born 1794
  • Thomas Marriott born 1788
John Marriott (b. 1785)

John Marriott married Helen Knighton, born 1805 at Wenwick. They had fifteen children.

  • Mary Marriott born 1805
  • Sarah Marriott born 1806
  • William Marriott born 1807 married Elizabeth Carp 1839 Wisbech St Mary
  • James Knighton Marriott born 1810 married Ann Wilson 1835 Wisbech
  • Samuel Marriott born 1813 married Eliza Bracer 1835 at Leverington
  • John Knighton Marriott born 1814
  • Charles Marriott born 1816 married Susanna Goode 1838 Leverington
  • Thomas Marriott born 1817 married Mary Ann Simpson 1844 Wisbech
  • Jonathan Marriott born 1819 married Elizabeth Mann 1842 Wenwick
  • Mary Marriott born 1821
  • Isaac Marriott born 1822
  • Eleanor Marriott born 1824
  • Emanuel Marriott born 1826 married Lucy
  • Esther Marriott born 1830
  • Ann Marriott born 1833

MARRIOTT Derivation


Derivations of the name are Marriott, Marritt, Marryatt. The first references to the name are Mariota Hoppesort 1195 in the Feet of Fines for Suffolk; Mariota 1200 in the Pipe Rolls for Leicestershire and 1219 in the Assize Rolls for Yorkshire; William, Hervicus Mariot 1185 from the Records of theTemplars in the Twelfth Century for Warwickshire, 1210 in the Cura Regis Rolls for Cambridgeshire. Mar-iot, a very common diminutive of Mary, Marryatt is probably from the Old English Mærgëat; Richard Meryet 1297 Ministers' Accounts of the Earldom of Cornwall; William Mariet 1327 in the Subsidary Rolls for Derbyshire. For reference as well the surname MERRETT.

'A Dictionary of British Surnames' by P.H. Reaney,
Second Edition, published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, second edition, ISBN 0 7100 8106 5

Marriott, first name diminutive. 'Mary (= wished-for child)' Hebrew. An east Midlands surname.

'The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames' by Basil Cottle , second edition, ISBN 0 14 051032 X

MARRIOTT Photographs
Marriott Ladies early 1930's
Marriage of Rose Marriott to Josiah Goodrum
Charles Marriott (b.1816)

Charles Marriott was the son of John Marriott. He married Susanna Goode on January 31, 1838 at Leverington, Wisbeach (Wisbech). At the time of his marriage he was a labourer. As well as being a Labourer he was also a Corn Porter. They lived in Church End, Leverington at the time of their marriage. They raised six children.

  • Jonathan Marriott born 1838
  • James Marriott born 1841 married Sarah Squires 1865 Holbeach
  • John Marriott born 1843
  • Ellen Marriot born 1846
  • Esther Marriott born 1850
  • Sarah Marriott born 1852
James Marriott (b. 1841)

James Marriott was born at Leverington near Wisbech the son of Charles and Susan Marriott on 24.1.1841. He was a labourer and a miller. He married Sarah Squires, born 1843, at Holbeach in 1865. They had ten children.

  • John James Marriott born 1866 married Ellen Upcraft 1889 Downham Market
  • Hannah Marriott born 1868 married Amos Raby 1920 Downham Market
  • Charles Marriott born 1870 married Sarah Anderson 1893 Downham Market
  • Emma Jane Marriott born 1872
  • Jane Marriott born 1874
  • William Marriott born 1875 married Alice
  • Sarah Elizabeth Marriott born 1876 married John Henry Cole
  • Mary Ann Marriott born 1878 married David Vellum
  • George Marriott born 1881 married Charlotte Hephzibah Beales
  • Rose Chapman Marriott born 1882 married Josiah Goodrum
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