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The WARREN family so far all originate from the Huntingdonshire area of England. The earliest WARREN family member we have found is William Warren who married Mary Stearn in 1770 at St. Ives, Hunts. So far we have only located one child, William Warren, born circa 1771.

William Warren (c. 1771)

William married Ann Catlin in 1797 at Bury. They raised 11 children.

  • Ann Warren born circa 1799
  • Sarah Warren born 1800
  • Elizabeth Warren born circa 1802
  • Edward Warren born 1803
  • William Warren born circa 1805
  • George Warren born 1807 - married Elizabeth Butler
  • Henry Warren born circa 1808
  • James Warren born 1810 - 1st wife Mary Saunders/2nd wife Ann Reed
  • John Catlin Warren born 1814
  • Mary Ann Warren born 1817
  • Temperance Warren born 1820
James Warren (c. 1810)

James Warren married Mary Saunders in 1834. There were three children.

When Mary died James married Ann Reed. There were three children from this marriage.

  • Mary Ann Warren born 1845
  • Jane Warren born 1847
  • Sarah Warren born 1851

WARREN Derivation


Derivations of the name are Warren, Warran, Warrand, Warrant. The first references to the name are William de Warene, de Warenne, de Garenna in 1086 in the Doomsday Book; Hamelinus de Warrena in 1187 in the Transcripts of Charters relating to the Gilbertine Houses for Lincolnshire; William de Warenne 1285 in the Feet of Fines for Essex. From La Varenne (Seine-Inférieure).

'A Dictionary of British Surnames' by P.H. Reaney,
Second Edition, published by Routledge & Kegan Paul, second edition, ISBN 0 7100 8106 5

Warren Form of Warrene, very common in the south and in East Anglia. The surname has sometimes absorbed, or been absorbed by, Warin and its group.

'The Penguin Dictionary of Surnames' by Basil Cottle, second edition, ISBN 0 14 051032 X

William Warren (b.1837)

William Warren married Mary Ann Ayres, born 1837, in 1861 at Huntingdon. They had 9 children.

  • Eliza Jane Warren
  • William Henry Warren
  • Albert Edward Charles Warren
  • Mary Ann Warren
  • Minnie Charlotte Warren
  • Arthur Edward Warren
  • Annie Warren
  • Clara Alice Warren
  • George James Warren
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